Before Refinishing

Clean area and ceilings before our arrival, this will reduce the chance of anything landing in the finished coating. Customer is responsible for the cost to remove (repair) any foreign object or excess dust that lands on finished surface after the job has been completed. Please remove all loose items from room (i.e. pictures, rugs, toiletries, and curtains)

Paint & Wallpaper

Protective masking paper and plastic film is used to protect the walls and ceiling from overspray. Masking tape is used to adhere the paper /plastic to walls & ceiling. Customer is responsible for the removal of the masking paper and tape from the walls 24 hours after completion of the refinishing project, and any damage that may occur to those areas. Please, take your time and be careful when removing any masking paper/plastic and tape.


We are not licensed plumbers, but we may be required to remove handles, overflow covers or any plumbing hardware in order to apply our product properly. If we cannot remove the hardware, we will mask off to protect against overspray in order to continue the refinishing process. Customer is responsible for replacing plumbing
hardware. Please have any water leaks repaired prior to our arrival.

I will need electricity, hot water and access to the bathroom

If you are replacing the tile above the tub please do this first. Please protect tub with a sheet of plywood before pulling the tile off. Go ahead and grout the tile to the tub just don’t caulk it.


• Do you have shower doors? Please remove doors before we arrive. There is no warranty in the track area if they are left on. We strongly recommend removing them. Most people remove the doors and tracks and install new curtains or doors.

• Plumbing should be in good working order. Dripping faucets, and any future installation of hardware should all be done prior to our arrival. Do not remove or disconnect the drain! However, we would appreciate the removal of the overflow from the tub.

• Please remove all caulking on the tub surface prior to our arrival. Grout does not have to be removed. If this is an issue for you I can do it for you.

• Please be sure to clean the tub well with an abrasive cleaner before we arrive to remove any soap film. Excessively dirty tubs will incur additional cleaning charges.

• Please make sure the bathroom is cleared out of any loose articles, such as shower curtains, window curtains, rugs, items on counters etc. Anything that isn’t in a cupboard or drawer, that can be removed from the bathroom should be. I will do any necessary covering of walls and floors.

Please vacuum the bathroom as well to clean up all dust and hair. There’s air movement, in the room, and we don’t want it landing on your newly finished tub.

Is the toilet or vanity in the way of the front of the tub. I need at least a foot to get my spray gun in there to spray the front of the tub. If in doubt please send me a picture.

• Do you have a bathroom window? Please make sure it opens, and that storm windows and screens are functional prior to our arrival. (An exhaust fan gets placed in the window) If there is no bathroom window please have a window available for me to run an exhaust hose out of.

Remove masking paper in 24 hours and caulk where the tile meets the tub.

Reinstall your trip lever (over flow plate) by dropping the weighted end into the overflow pipe, line up the screw hole and reinstall the two screws. If a drain screen was removed, lay it over the drain, line up the hole and install the screw